Destination audio

All Destination Audio products are born from our love for music and the passion fueled by this love. We invite you to hear music from a new perspective, to enter the world of emotion and feeling, and the conscious realization that you have finally reached the end of your audiophile travels... you have reached your destination.

We build musical systems without any compromise. Our experiences have led us to create speakers and equipment that are the pinnacle of musical truth and sophistication, surprising even ourselves with what can be achieved when the only role of the system is to take you deep inside the music. Each of our pieces are created only after we understand our customers musical goals and preferences.

We invite you to experience our creations, to listen like never before, and know what it is to be left with only...the music.    


Finale Audio

Finale Audio is from the Triode Lab Ltd. family and offers the finest triode and low-powered tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. Our goal is to appeal to a broader audience of discerning listeners who want the best possible sound and value. To this end, we offer a wide range of high caliber, affordable tube amplifiers, from low-powered, single-ended designs to 100W powerhouses.

All of our products are designed and engineered in Canada, where they are also built to our exacting standards. Visually, our amplifiers have a clean and simple elegance, but their true sophistication is revealed in their sound. We are confident that your search for musical truth will end with Finale!